Welcome to all about Soha!

Hi!My name is Soha,I am 9 years old and I am one of the coders of this website,plus others.As you scroll down you can get to know me.Don't forget to tell me about yourself by contacting me!Thanks fo supporting our websites!Tell your friends!


I like a lot of things.I like running,swimming, and tennis(though i'm not very good at it)I like coding,art,singing,and almost all types of dance.I love reaing,playing board games,and playing cards.:)

Daily life

I'm in fourth grade.I love school.I take dance classes and do track.I go on trips and vacations A LOT.You can read about those in my other websites.I also code,draw and read every day.

Extra info

I have a little brother,a mom,a dad,and a dog.I like Harry Potter,Percy Jackson,Star Wars,and Land of Stories.Tell me about you on the contact page!Bye!!!

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